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Learn AWS from EXPERTS in Bangalore

AWS Training in Marathahalli Bangalore

AWS Training in Marathahalli Bangalore

Boyina Soft offers 40+ Hrs AWS Training in Marathahalli Bangalore. Learn AWS from 14+ years Experienced Trainer and apply your knowledge on real-time projects in classroom. 

We will train you to become the best in your field and get the most out of our training. Our Training is mostly practical and some bit of theoretical also. Our Trainers have vast experience in IT field and are always keen to help the students with all their doubts and real-world training problems. 

If you are searching for AWS Training in Marathahalli, look no further than Boyina and schedule a demo class with us. We believe in providing value for money to our students and will work towards helping our students do well in their job. 

We also have kept AWS Training fee minimal to not burden our students with high amount of fees, like other Institutes do.

AWS Training Course Content

a. What is cloud computing?
b. History of cloud
c. Different vendors for Cloud
d. Cloud main objectives
e. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Overview
f. AWS Architecture
g. AWS Management Console
h. Setting up of the AWS Account
i. Features of AWS cloud

a. What is Networking
b. IP address Basic
c. Classess of IP
d. Subnetting
e. Public / Private IP
f. Natting/ Patting
g. IP V6 Implementation

a. Introduction to UNIX & LINUX
b. Installation of Linux
c. Access the command line
d. Manage files from the command line
e. Advanced File Permissions
f. Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System

1. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
a. Configuring VPC
b. Configuring Subnet & extracting N/W’s out of VPC
c. Configuring Route Table
d. Configuring Internet Gateway for VPC
e. Egress only Internet Gateway
f. NAT Gateway
g. Elastic IP
h. VPC Peering
i. Endpoint


2. Security
a. Security Groups
b. Network ACL


3. EC2 Cloud Compute services
a. Launching EC2 Instance
b. Understanding Security Key pair
c. Configuring dedicated Host
d. Configure On-demand instances
e. Spot instances
f. Reserved instances
g. EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace
h. Calculate the ROI for diff Instance
i. Creating custom AMI
j. Creating snapshots


4. Elastic Block Store
a. Creating and deleting volumes

b. Attaching and detaching volumes – Windows

c. Mounting and Unmounting the attached volume -- Linux


5. VPN Connections
a. Customer Gateway
b. VPG Gateways &
c. VPN Connections
d. Client VPN


6. Route 53
a. Traffic Management
b. DNS Management
c. Traffic Policy & Endpoint
d. Domain Name Registration


7. Storage & Content Delivery
a. Configure S3 Bucket
b. Static Web Hosting via S3 Bucket
c. S3 bucket policy
d. S3 Replication
e. Configure Glacier with Versioning on S3
f. Cloud front Configuration


8. Security Identify & Compliances
a. Amazon IAM Overview
b. Users and Groups
c. Permissions and Policies
d. Roles
e. Access Key/Security Key
f. Creating admin groups via UI and the command line
g. CLI Commands


9. Monitoring
a. Cloudwatch
b. Alerts
c. SNS -- Notification
d. Events


10. Scaling and Load Distribution in AWS
a. Configuring Auto Scaling
b. Creating Cloud watch for Optimization
c. Creating Load Balancing with application
d. Classic Load Balancers


11. Databases
a. RDS
b. Authorizing access to the DB via DB Security Groups
c. Setting up automatic backups
d. Dynamo DB


12. Multiple AWS Services and Managing the Resources' Lifecycle
a. Simple Email Service (SES)
b. Simple Queue Service (SQS)


13. Migration
a. Storage Gateway
b. Understanding Snow ball Migrations
c. EFS File Syn
d. EC2 export and import
e. External Migration Tools




I am a Cloud Solution Architect with 14+ Years of Experience. I have in depth working Knowledge on Networking, Virtualization, Devops and Datacener migration. Also currently working on Solutioning of various Cloud, like, Vmware, Azure and AWS. I Love sharing Knowledge with students and help them learn practically.

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